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Change video resolution
Hi all boys, here I am again asking for help.
I would like to connect my "Orange Pi Lite" to a 4/3 lcd monitor.
I have a hdmi / vga adapter and everything works, except for the fact that at the first power on, I release red screen ... at this point I restart it and everything works.
I assume that my Orange starts at a resolution not supported by a monitor.
I ask you if there is an easy way to change the resolution to 1024 X 768 to 60 Hz. This is the resolution that adapts the Orange pi after rebooting.
Thank you all.
first, make a backup of your /boot/bin/orangepilite.bin file

then, run "sudo h3disp -m32"
maybe the "-d" for dvi adapter is needed:
"sudo h3disp -m32 -d"

if something goes wrong, copy orangepilite.bin to /boot/bin/
Thank you so much Alex, you've been really precious.
It was perfect, on the first shot (I used the second string, as you rightly suggested, I use the adapter)
I had read on the forum of someone with my same problem, who used to turn on the monitor a moment before, and I also use this solution for the problem ...
I hope that in the future we will be able to have a definitive solution.
A curiosity if it is granted to me, to understand this string ...
Do you have any list to draw on for various video resolutions?
Thank you so much Alex, I'm sure I'll bother you again for some other problem Smile and for this I thank you so much.
You're great, and I send you a virtual hug.
you can sudo h3disp with no parameter and you'll be presented with all available parameters,

we're still investigating a pattern of the red screen bug, it's probably a non-compliant resolution being attempted (1080 or 720p) .
Thank you so much Alex, for your time and for everything you do.
too much hassle with people falling into non compliant resolutions, it was too easy to cause problem.
Forgive me Alex, but I think I messed up ...
I installed everything from the beginning because I had done too many changes, and I got to the point of changing the video resolution as a solution in this post a little higher (sudo h3disp -m32 -d) to set the 1024X768 ...
Only that I BELIEVE unintentionally pressed the number 36 on the numeric keypad instead of 33, has only restarted that now I can not see anything on the monitor and I get the message "input signal out of reach".
Is there any way to remedy this trouble by entering a kind of temporary mode?
I believe you followed my advice to have a backup of your /boot/bin/orangepilite.bin . Copy to /boot/bin/ (you will need a linux OS or some 3rd party app like Paragon FS)

p.s.: you probably haven't, so i uploaded a sample to just in case.
Thanks a lot Alex, of course I followed your advice, I had made a copy of my file ... you're a mentor, how could I not follow what you tell me.
(However, the file uploaded by you is no longer active.)
As you suggested, I downloaded the program "Linux File System For Windows by Paragon Software (V.5.1.1015)" and everything works perfectly, I mount the micro sd (via USB adapter), I open it, I browse through the various folders until you get to the path: / boot / bin / and here I copy my "orangepilite.bin" file. Ok I take down the micro sd, I introduce it in the orange pi and the problem is not solved, "signal input out of reach".
Yet the copy of my .bin file was working, what am I wrong?
Sometimes it only works if you unmount the sdcard inside Paragon

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