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I was happy to use this thread reccomendation when I ran RetrOrangePi v.3

Now these overlays are missing, and even from the RetroPi configuration you cannot choose overlay file from the menu.

I supposed that was the best method to improve perception of NES or SNES games on large LCD.

What is the alternate now on v4.2?
install from retropie-setup , configuration, retroarch, assets

anyway, there are scanline overlays with console bezels in /home/pi/RetrOrangePi if you wanna try
Thanks! Which approach (shaders vs. Overlays) would you recommend?
you can use the shaders from /home/pi/RetrOrangePi which has bezels and scanlines (might affect performance of demanding platforms) or the overlays suggested in the other thread
Thanks. I've tried to choose the shader for nes in the livretro emulator propetirs, so it would work all the time, but that menu has only list of shaders, and no other path selection. Same for overlay in this menu, except there are no files to choose there.

How can i install the shaders to be used by certain platforms by default?
you can change shader and overlays location on Settings - Directory then locate and set /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch/ or /home/pi/RetrOrangePi as default
(or simply / so you can look all over the root filesystem)
after selecting the shader/overlay, from Quick Menu you can save in Overrides - Core (will save selection by platform)
pi@RetrOrangePi:/opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch/overlay$ ls
borders effects gamepads ipad keyboards misc rpi wii

pi@RetrOrangePi:/opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch/shaders$ ls
3dfx blurs dithering include nedi scalenx waterpaint xsal
anti-aliasing borders docs lanczos neon retro sharpen windowed xsoft
auto-box cgp eagle misc ntsc retropie srgb-helpers xbr
bevel crt handheld motionblur python sabr test xbr-hybrid
bicubic ddt hqx mudlord quad scalehq warp xsai

pi@RetrOrangePi:~/RetrOrangePi$ pwd
pi@RetrOrangePi:~/RetrOrangePi$ ls Ov* Sh*
Overlay border scanline:
atari5200plain.cfg gameboy-scanlines.png Playstationplain-scanlines.cfg
atari5200plain.png genesisplain.cfg Playstationplain-scanlines.png
atari5200plain-scanlines.cfg genesisplain.png SegaSaturn.cfg
atari5200plain-scanlines.png genesisplain-scanlines.cfg SegaSaturn.png
atariplain.cfg genesisplain-scanlines.png SegaSaturn-scanlines.cfg
atariplain.png mame.cfg SegaSaturn-scanlines.png
atariplain-scanlines.cfg mame.png smsplain.cfg
atariplain-scanlines.png mame-scanlines.cfg smsplain.png
DC2.cfg mame-scanlines.png smsplain=scanlines.cfg
DC2.png n64plain.cfg smsplain=scanlines.png
DC2-scanlines.cfg N64plain.png snesplain.cfg
DC2-scanlines.png N64plain-scanlines.cfg snesplain.png
FamicomPlain.cfg N64plain-scanlines.png snesplain-scanlines.cfg
FamicomPlain.png NeoGeosystemplain.cfg snesplain-scanlines.png
FamicomPlain-scanlines.cfg neogeosystemplain.png TV2.cfg
FamicomPlain-scanlines.png neogeosystemplain-scanlines.cfg TV2.png
fba.cfg neogeosystemplain-scanlines.png TV2-scanlines.cfg
fba.png nesplain.cfg TV2-scanlines.png
fba-scanlines.cfg nesplain.png TV.cfg
fba-scanlines.png nesplain-scanlines.cfg TV.png
gameboy.cfg nesplain-scanlines.png TV-scanlines.cfg
gameboy.png playstation.cfg TV-scanlines.png
gameboy-scanlines.cfg Playstationplain.png

Shader curvature:
curvature.glsl curvature.glslp Retroarch Settings.txt

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