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Mame version
The hundredth topic on this, studied this forum, retropie forum, retropie wiki BUT, i'm still unclear od couple things:
1. What is the MAME version, which i should look the roms for? The one, that will be smoothly emulated by my Pi Pc. Same question for neogeo, fr-alpha, advmame?
2. Is it ok to play mame games with snes controller? Or need GPIO board only?

1. will never be answered fully. Some cores will work better than others for some roms. Mame2003 (or mame2003-plus) was our choice to begin with because it has a very good ratio of working roms. AdvanceMame has great customization options, harder to configure though.
2. probably yes, once you map it in EmulationStation, it should have the correct bindings.

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