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Zelda / Solarus
tl;dr: is "Zelda Mystery of Solarus DX" supported?

Please note that this is NOT nes, snes, gb, n64.. game. Its custom (fan made) at Solarus system (custom created).
It cam be run at Windows/Linux system. But also on "GCW-Zero". Im not sure if RetroPi/EmulatorStation have support for GCW.
This game is also ported to Nintendo Switch (homebrew) even if its not mentioned here.

Just asking, because it would be really cool to play this on RetroStone with button and mobile, rather than well .. PC with keyboard.
Also is there is another source for fan-made Zelda games, feel free to respond here also.

Links and resources:
Solarus Engine is included in RetrOrangePi , for still unknown reason, only Zelda Return of the Hylian SE is working in latest release (Ports section). The other two segfaults, we'll try to fix for the upcoming v4.3
Glad to hear. Thanks.
(Ive finish ALL Zelda games from NES to Switch). Its pretty damn nostalgic to play eg. Zelda LA on this hardware. Thanks for all work by all Zelda fans Smile
the previous version of retroorangepi included the solarus engine and zelda games
the current version 4.2 slim has only quake, boom, and doon under ports folder
could you please provide me the procedure to add the solarus games ?
SLIM release is missing a lot of dependencies included in the full release and there is still no tutorial or script to upgrade.
IIRC, our Solarus port requires X11 (armbian desktop) to work , so at least for now it will be up to you.

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