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Dreamcast date-time bugfix
Hello Guys,

I have fixed the date/time bug for the reicast emulator.

When you start reicast everytime you become date and time set screen

to fix it need you follow instruction

STEP1 nullDC
1.) load nullDC emulator (search in google)
2.) copy your dc bios-files in /data folder of nullDC
3.) start emulator and start with nodisk
4.) set time and date
5.) close emulator
6.) make a copy of dc_nvmem.bin from data folder
7.) rename dc_nvmem.bin to dc_flash.bin

STEP2 retrorangepi
1.) connect via ftp
2.) open  /configs /dreamcast /data and delete dc_nvmem.bin
3.) copy the renamed dc_flash.bin to retropie BIOS folder dc
4.) restart emulationstation
5.) now start reicast without time and date

have fun Smile

best regards Fredy

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Vaya!! Desconocía este truco, gracias por compartir. Aunque para mi el bug de que te pida la hora en cada arranque no es muy molesto ?

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