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Reicast /lr-reicast Video Settings
to solve the audio problem i must update retroarch to the last nightly build, is this possible with retrorangepi 4.2?
yes, we updated retropie-setup recently, so it should compile Retroarch 1.7.5

edit: in fact, retroarch script will clone 1.7.5 branch so you have to remove this bit of info to get sources from master branch.
i have make a fork from RetroPie-Setup and customize the file to run lr-reicast

look@ you need only to modify two files


i am new on github i hope this is right so

I'm still testing, if i find fault i will fix this out
Sweet, i will test it with the new kernel, thanks a lot, and you'll be credited on the upcoming release
very nice Smile thx

i have updated retroarch to 1.7.5 and the soundbug is solved

the other problem is when iam update from retrorangepi 4.2 i have after the update bugs in menu and graphic glitches, failed symbols
is a manual adjustment necessary before the update?

i make a installation script for A64/H5 you can test it, my orangepipc2 is ordered i wait for it...

A64/H5 installation found you under

its not tested!
alright! A64 with Mali400 seems to work fine with the things i tested, H5 with Mali450 still fails on me .

I'll test lr-reicast and keep you posted
on h5 problems with gpu accelaration? look here "Linux kernel r9p0" newest driver
i have make a pullrequest on github to add the full support or lr-reicast, naomi, atomiswave

and manually add in "es_systems.cfg" to show the systems

<fullname>Atomis Wave</fullname>
<extension>.lst .LST</extension>
<command>/opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/ 0 _SYS_ atomiswave %ROM%</command>
<extension>.lst .LST</extension>
<command>/opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/ 0 _SYS_ naomi %ROM%</command>

works with the last retroarch 1.7.6 very good
performance is not the best , a few games have little graphic glitches, is a driver problem... i have tested it on nintendont mainline here works it better.
thx for add in the master branch

I have request the sun8i support on github libretro and now support the makefile sun8i Allwinner H2/H3 official

now i have make a request for the new DLOW_END support for sun8i, this set all emulator options automatic for the best performance
and a new option is integrated with Retroarch 1.7.6 and the latest lr-reicast version, frame skip! here i must play with the settings to optimize the performance

keep up-to-date

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