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OrangePI "3D Printed" Retrocases
Hello Guys

I share my 3D-Designs with the community

you need a 3D-Printer or a Printservice to make your own OPI-Case

features of cases
-LED support 5mm
-Fat-Fan Support 30x30x10mm
-Slim-Fan Support 30x30x7mm
-Airflow optimized
-Power Button (with Safe-Shutdown**)
-Reset Button (with Safe-Reset**)
-RTC Support***
-Breadboard Support***
-SD-Card access

100% fit for different Orange PI models

**Safe-Buttons work with a Special-Script, written by me)
*** NES-Case only

My Public Designs on thingiverse

List of Case Types

for Orange PI Lite, Lite2, One, One Plus 
-Playstation 1
-Nintendo famicom
-Nintendo SNES (US)

for Orange PI PC,PC Plus, PC2 
-Sega Megadrive (Genesis)
-Sega Dreamcast
-Nintendo NES
-Nintendo Famicom
@work Playstation 1 Design
@work SNES PAL

Banana Pi BPI-M2+
-PlayStation One (PSone)

Raspberry PI Zero
-PlayStation One (PSone)

Raspberry PI3/3+
-Nintendo Famicom

i have on thingiverse not all designs, only the free designs.

interested on a Premium Design like NES, Dreamcast, Megadrive write me a PM

I produce the cases, do you have interest just write a pm

best regards Fredy

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Very good!
Thank you
no problem

there are many cases for pi but not for orange pi

i am design many cases and spend a many time to optimize it

my newest works here
where can i get your nintendo NES model opi pc?
NES and Dreamcast model not Online.
guy have use it to sell for own project.

only the models what you find on github its for free.

for Orange PI PC,PC Plus, PC2

BPI M2 Zero, RPI Zero

its not Online, the Cases i use for my projects only

if you want a Case i can you sell one

The Newest Version of NES have a sdcard-hole,dual-fan support,RTC support,full functional safe reset and shutdown with special script and internal Breadboard look

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Please PM about the impressed case price in the picture, ( without orangepi pc board)
Liontek Helpme with safe buttons script, where do you get the buttons for buy?
you need tactical switches from your local electronic part shop or internet , dupont cables and must write a python script for that.

raspberry scripts useless orange pi use other gpio library and pinouts, solution is write a own script.
my script its not public sorry, work a long time for that to have a perfect working safe-reset,shutdown script thats work in background and steals no CPU resources!

i have many improvements for retropie on orangepi, i have a own retropie version MPCORE-NXT this is not a rivalry to ropi, i have create a own version that have all improvments what I missed in ropi

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