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Configure Ipega 9025
I saw that it is possible to configure the Ipega 9025 in the retropie, I tried the retrorange and the bluetooth is recognized, but I can not configure the input in EmulationStation

Sorry, we can't support devices we don't have.
if the retrorange accepted the command "bluez", I think it would work

retrorange recognized the Ipega with a usb cable as an xbox360 control, the big problem is to make it work by Bluetooth
I was able to make it work on the EmulationStation by doing this:

-Access the Bluetooh Device

-choose new firmware 8Bit mapping hack

- type in the terminal sudo nano /etc/udev/rules.d/99-bluetooth.rules and write:

UBSYSTEM == "input", ATTRS {name} == "ipega media gamepad controller", MODE = "0666", ENV {ID_INPUT_JOYSTICK} = "1"

-make mapping on emulationsatation

now for some reason, no emulator works

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after many tests, I was able to make the Ipega 9025 work. I'm assuming you have a USB control or keyboard already configured to work in this setup .I did these steps:

- pair the Ipega in "Register and Connect to Bluetooh Device"

-activate the "8Bitdo mapping hack for new firmware"
- go to "Set up dev rule for Joypad"

- Exit Bluetooh Devices and reboot

- configure the Ipega in emulationstation

- go in retroarch and change the joypad driver to "sdl2"

-Finally start a game and enjoy!

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