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SNES Classic has drastic now, can H3 boards benifit from it?
SNES Classic has similar hardware to H3, right?
So, can H3 boards can benifit from it?
theoretically yes

the difference is

OrangePi Allwinner H3, Cortex A-7 @1,2-1,3Ghz , 512MB DDR3, MALI400@575Mhz(with optimized scriptbin 600)
NES/SNES Classic Allwinner R16(A33), Cortex A-7 @2Ghz , 256MB DDR3, MALI400@500Mhz (official is the chip for 1,5ghz designed)

SNES has more CPU Power lower Ram and GPU Power and can play Dreamcast and Drastic better then OrangePi and Pi3

i have readed the snes use better open source drivers
have self tested make the lr-Reicast emulator for Orangepi with the make platform snes classic!
its run the problem is the speed and graphic looks not good, looks like there is no good support for the drivers thats OPI use

NES/SNES Classic have a big community like RPI3, more people support the projects.
I tested Drastic and it works. Since its closed source, i expect to have authorization from Exophase to use it
I prey for drastic appear in next retrorangepi.
really nice, hope drastic in ropi

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