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Hardware acceleration support in Kodi?
Noob here.

My media PC running Kodi just bit the dust.  I have been searching for alternatives that had hardware for h.265 HEVC for a replacement and I came across orange pi.  Android seemed klunky overkill and most on the Kodi installs for Orange Pi were on top of android.  I wanted to set up Retropie anyway Big Grin

I have two questions.  

1.  Does anyone know if HEVC hardware support works with Retro Orange Pi?  Has anyone tried it?  I have allot of video using this compression.
2.  I haven't bought any hardware yet.  Does it really matter which Orange Pi board I buy for running Kodi on Retro?  I am happy with 1080p as I don't own any 4k gear.

Thanks in advance,
IIRC there is no full support to HEVC, if your videos fit this criteria, maybe you'll be lucky

if they do, buy an Orange Pi with H3 CPU and at least 1GB of RAM

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