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New problem with booting
Hello again. 

So my retrostone has been working pretty well over the last month or two. It occasionally gets stuck in the blue/white boot screen, but usually powering it off and on (sometimes takes a few attempts) gets it up and running and then it's fine. 

However just today, it will not boot at all. On the first power up, it got past the blue/white screen, hit the retrorangepi splash screen, then came up with an error that no games were loaded. At that point, I couldn't do anything and had to shut it off. Ever since then, it will not go past the blue/white screen. I've probably powered it off and on no less than 50 times by now. 

It doesn't seem to change anything if I power it up with or without a SIM card in it, so I don't know if it is a software or hardware issue at this point? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
things to do:
1. charge retrostone fully
2. power on while connected to an HDMI input (some log should appear)
3. check sdcard filesystem (need linux OS , a liveCD/usb would work)

i'm guessing n.3, filesystem corruption

4. reformat sdcard and reflash image all over again

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