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About the hardware corresponding and which one has the best performance
I confuse about the hardware board to correspond to its image file. 

Maybe there are many board and its name is similar. 

I confuse about the "orange pi zero". The image files are these below:

  1. Orange Pi Zero NTSC
  2. Orange Pi Zero PAL
  3. Orange Pi Zero PLUS2 H3
I guess 1 & 2 are on the same hardware but the different monitor screen specification, NTSC & PAL.

There are three boards on the

  1. "Orange Pi Zero" It has two version-256 and 512 RAM size for choice. H2+ cpu is used on this board.
  2. "Orange Pi Zero Plus" It has only one 512 RAM size version. H5 cpu is used on this board.
  3. "Orange Pi Zero Plus 2" It has two version-H3 and H5 cpu for choice. Only 512 RAM size is on both two versions.

So, according to the above list, "Orange Pi Zero Plus" is not supported to any image file. But, "Orange Pi Zero" and "Orange Pi Zero Plus 2" have the corresponding images individually. 

Smile  Am I right above?

In addition, which one has the best performance?
1. Same image, only changing script.bin for the NTSC/PAL standards
2. H5, still not supported (WIP)
3. Only H3 supported. this one has the best performance, but its not easy to get going (lack of full USB)

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