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Connecting additional usb joysticks
Hello. I have OPI Lite. It has 2 usb ports. How can I connect at least 2 more usb joysticks? I connected a passive usb hub with three sockets, but the system sees only the first connected joystick. Apparently, this is just a splitter, without brains.
2 questions:
1. I need another hub, really with brains? Or is it all about the settings? Or both?
2. I did not find whether it is possible to somehow adjust the control to any one game.
It turns out, the problem is most likely a lack of power? Not in ROPI settings?

I would like to make sure of this before buying an active usb hub. It is expensive to check in practice, because they cost several times more than passive
How can the usb-bluetooth adapter help me if I have only cheap wired usb-joysticks? Buy bluetooth joysticks, each of which is more expensive than OPI Lite? Shy
I put an OPI Lite in my Mini Arcade Build and connected USB Audio, If I use a 2A adapter I need to disconnect the USB Audio or I won't even get a Retrorange Pi Loading screen. I also have a 3A adapter I ordered with my OPI PC Plus, this works fine. Now I am using the integrated Arcade stick on one port and I have split the other with an AliExpress USB hub, Audio and two other build Arcade sticks work fine.

This is the one I ordered, works fine: USB2.0 HUB

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