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Official Retropie Support H3, H5
Hello Guys good News

Retropie has added H3 and H5 for offical support!
Add Allwinner H3 and H5 devices
we know that pull request, which seems not to be valid for H5, different cpuinfo. Due to our heavy customizations, we'll keep our fork
edit: btw, it's very likely the retropie team wont ever support it for real, so its Nintendont doing all by himself.
you have right the H5 is not a sun8i .. ia a sun50i 64Bit Cortex-A53

the guys have a fail information...

the Mali 450 on the H5 is supported by the new driver, i think this is mean

I am aware that retrorangepi remains at h2/h3 , its many work to customize retropie on the soc
you make a great job
in fact, we're testing new stuff, Retroarch is working on A64 , but still getting EGL issues in H5 (Mali kernel module built OK).
okay interesting

Allwinner A64 is the 64Bit edition of the H3, supports bigger sd-card sizes and have gbit lan, gpu is thesame mali400mp2 i think the performace is not really faster than H3

The Allwinner H5 is a jump forward, has a Mali450 MP4 with 2 vertex shader and 4 fragment shaders, the performance in tests is over 110% faster than the Mali400MP2
the support of the board is boring....
Allwinner H6 has with the 720MP2 the same performance like the Mali450MP4 i have found a benchmark compare, H6 Support is far behind...

in the price performance check is the allwinner H5 a good hardware deal

i hope in the future runs retropie on the H5...

i love the orange pi pc cheap and good, with the right settings and community support i think its possible to boost up the performance

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