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AMIGA get working
(02-09-2019, 03:12 AM)alexkidd Wrote: should fix by adding  "amiberry" to emulatornames in /home/pi/RetrOrangePi/Background_Music/

i think i have broken something cause i dont have background music now Sad

import os
import time
import random
#import pygame # if you don't have pygame: sudo apt-get install python-pygame
#also that line is commented out as we import the mixer specifically a bit further down.

startdelay = 0 # Value (in seconds) to delay audio start.  If you have a splash screen with audio and the script is playing music over the top of it, increase this value to delay the script from starting.
musicdir = '/home/pi/RetroPie/music'
maxvolume = 0.50
volumefadespeed = 0.02
restart = True # If true, this will cause the script to fade the music out and -stop- the song rather than pause it.
startsong = "" # if this is not blank, this is the EXACT, CaSeSeNsAtIvE filename of the song you always want to play first on boot.

#local variables
bgm = [mp3 for mp3 in os.listdir(musicdir) if mp3[-4:] == ".mp3" or mp3[-4:] == ".ogg"] # Find everything that's .mp3 or .ogg
lastsong = -1
currentsong = -1
from pygame import mixer # import PyGame's music mixer
mixer.init() # Prep that bad boy up.
volume = maxvolume # Store this for later use to handle fading out.

#TODO: Fill in all of the current RetroPie Emulator process names in this list.
emulatornames = ["amiberry","wolf4sdl-3dr-v14", "wolf4sdl-gt-v14", "wolf4sdl-spear", "wolf4sdl-sw-v14", "xvic","xvic cart","xplus4","xpet","x128","x64sc","x64","PPSSPPSDL","prince","OpenBOR","Xorg","retroarch","ags","uae4all2","uae4arm","capricerpi","linapple","hatari","stella","atari800","xroar","vice","daphne.bin","reicast","pifba","osmose","gpsp","jzintv","basiliskll","mame","advmame","dgen","openmsx","mupen64plus","gngeo","dosbox","ppsspp","simcoupe","scummvm","snes9x","pisnes","frotz","fbzx","fuse","gemrb","cgenesis","zdoom","eduke32","lincity","love","kodi","alephone","micropolis","openbor","openttd","opentyrian","cannonball","tyrquake","ioquake3","residualvm","xrick","sdlpop","uqm","stratagus","wolf4sdl","solarus_run","mplayer"]

#test: Ran into some issues with script crashing on a cold boot, so we're camping for emulationstation (if ES can start, so can we!)
esStarted = False
while not esStarted:
    pids = [pid for pid in os.listdir('/proc') if pid.isdigit()]
    for pid in pids:
            procname = open(os.path.join('/proc',pid,'comm'),'rb').read()
            if procname[:-1] == "emulationstatio": # Emulation Station's actual process name is apparently short 1 letter.
        except IOError:    

#ES Should be going, see if we need to delay our start

if startdelay > 0:
    time.sleep(startdelay) # Delay audio start per config option above
#Look for OMXplayer - if it's running, someone's got a splash screen going!
pids = [pid for pid in os.listdir('/proc') if pid.isdigit()]
for pid in pids:
        procname = open(os.path.join('/proc',pid,'comm'),'rb').read()
        if procname[:-1] == "omxplayer" or procname[:-1] == "omxplayer.bin": # Looking for a splash screen!
            while os.path.exists('/proc/'+pid):
                time.sleep(1) #OMXPlayer is running, sleep 1 to prevent the need for a splash.
    except IOError:    
#Check for a starting song
if not startsong == "":
        currentsong = bgm.index(startsong) #Set the currentsong to the index in BGM that is our startingsong.
        currentsong = -1 #If this triggers, you probably screwed up the filename, because our startsong wasn't found in the list.

#This is where the magic happens.
while True:
    while not esStarted: #New check (4/23/16) - Make sure EmulationStation is actually started.  There is code further down that, as part of the emulator loop, makes sure eS is running.
  ; #halt the music, emulationStation is not running!
        pids = [pid for pid in os.listdir('/proc') if pid.isdigit()]
        for pid in pids:
                procname = open(os.path.join('/proc',pid,'comm'),'rb').read()
                if procname[:-1] == "emulationstatio": # Emulation Station's actual process name is apparently short 1 letter.
                    esStarted=True # Will cause us to break out of the loop because ES is now running.
            except IOError:    
    #Check to see if the DisableMusic file exists; if it does, stop doing everything!
    if os.path.exists('/home/pi/RetrOrangePi/Background_Music/DisableMusic'):
        #print "DisableMusic found!"
        while (os.path.exists('/home/pi/RetrOrangePi/Background_Music/DisableMusic')):
        #print "DisableMusic gone!"

    if not # We aren't currently playing any music
        while currentsong == lastsong and len(bgm) > 1:    #If we have more than one BGM, choose a new one until we get one that isn't what we just played.
            currentsong = random.randint(0,len(bgm)-1)
        song = os.path.join(musicdir,bgm[currentsong])
        lastsong=currentsong # Pygame sets this to 1.0 on new song; in case max volume -isnt- 1, set it to max volume.
        #print "BGM Now Playing: " + song
    #Emulator check
    pids = [pid for pid in os.listdir('/proc') if pid.isdigit()]
    emulator = -1;
    esStarted=False #New check 4-23-16 - set this to False (assume ES is no longer running until proven otherwise)
    for pid in pids:
            procname = open(os.path.join('/proc',pid,'comm'),'rb').read()
            if procname[:-1] == "emulationstatio": # Killing 2 birds with one stone, while we look for emulators, make sure EmulationStation is still running.
                    esStarted=True # And turn it back to True, because it wasn't done running.  This will prevent the loop above from stopping the music.
            if procname[:-1] in emulatornames: #If the process name is in our list of known emulators
                emulator = pid;
                #Turn down the music
                #print "Emulator found! " + procname[:-1] + " Muting the music..."
                while volume > 0:
                    volume = volume - volumefadespeed
                    if volume < 0:
                if restart:
           #we aren't going to resume the audio, so stop it outright.
           #we are going to resume, so pause it.
                #print("Muted.  Monitoring emulator.")
                while os.path.exists("/proc/" + pid):
                    time.sleep(1); # Delay 1 second and check again.
                #Turn up the music
                #print "Emulator finished, resuming audio..."
                if not restart:
                    while volume < maxvolume:
                        volume = volume + volumefadespeed;
                        if volume > maxvolume:
                #print "Restored."
                volume=maxvolume # ensures that the volume is manually set (if restart is True, volume would be at zero)

        except IOError: #proc has already terminated, ignore.

    #end of the main while loop
print "An error has occurred that has stopped from executing." #theoretically you should never get this far.

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