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Mini Arcade Work In Progress
I used to spent more time on the forum, but I have a good reason not to.
I have started to build a MiniArcade several weeks ago and when I have some time I'm working on it to improve.

I have shared an album on Google Photo's hope you can see it:
Google Photos MiniArcade Album

The heart of this build is an Orange Pi Lite, maybe I will upgrade this in the future.
I would like to thank Alexkidd, for giving me advice and help via this forum on several topics (screen / joysticks)

I will add the final photo's to the album when the build is complete. Maybe I can add some hi-res pics as well.

This build contains a lot of AliExpress parts, so it was pretty cheap for the main build. Was lucky that I got the Dell 1501 screen for free.
I will add the part list in this thread for anyone who is curious. And a lessons learned as well.

Hope you like it.

Dirk (a.k.a. djcasl)
Thanks for the kind words and support. Upcoming release with mainline kernel should have better hardware compatibility.
(02-27-2019, 01:02 AM)alexkidd Wrote: Thanks for the kind words and support. Upcoming release with mainline kernel should have better hardware compatibility.

Really looking forward to those updates, keep up the good work.
Design inspiration from the instructables
Many Arcades are inspired by this one. I had to recalculate the measurements.

Joystick layouts
Choose Wisely
There are several, I used a HORI layout, but some might prefer something else.

Orange Pi Lite, with 3A adapter and 16GB MicroSD

DELL 1503FP Monitor, I got this from a fried, but you can get them at ebay for about 25 euro's
Please note, I've seen this a lot of forums, get your screen first. This is a main factor in the size of your build.
(used sudo h3disp -m 32 -d to activate via SSH, also see: HDMI to DVI on Samsung )

AliExpress parts
Monitor has no HDMI
HDMI-DVI cable

The Pi Lite had no mini-jack (also handy info: Activate USB SOUND )
USB-Sound card

Joystick kit, same as I used in mij Arcade Sticks
Joystick kit
I had spare buttons lying arround, So I used one additional button for HotKey (optional)

Power Switch so I could use a standard PC Power Cable
Power Fuse/Switch

USB connector for the back
Double USB External Port

Speakers (you need to solder speaker wire, works better)
Speaker set

Sound Amplifier
Works with Micro USB

Fan Protectors to cover Speaker holes
Fan Protectors

Fans voor cooling
40mm fans

USB cable to coolers, you can connect these from old USB cables, But this is easier
Converter Cable

Small grills to cover the holes
small grills

Other parts (sorry site are in Dutch)
To power the Amplifier and the USB converted fans
7 port USB Hub with adapter

And needed to use a different HUB then the one I ordered on AliExpress due to layout
4 way USB hub

Other materials
and wood and screws and stuff...

adhesive film
and you need this tool, came in really handy with the arcade stickers
apply tool

Arcade Machine Stickers (optional)
Got these from EBay:
Quality is really good.
Last pieces added today. Now I might build a player 2 stick in the same style..
Awesome ! Looking forward for the final result.

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