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OP Zero Plus 2 H5 version?

Is there a build for the H5 version of this board?

Im about to start building a retro machine and I got this board for it...

If there is no straight up build... Is there a guide to making a custom build? Like Getting the armbian build for my board and installing retropie onto it?

Any help please? Smile

Sorry, still not compatible , probably sometime this year if drivers development goes well
is it not possible to just install retropie ontop of the rasbian thats been built for this board? Or is that build incomplete?

You mention drivers, whats missing?
Sorry, not possible.
There is no real working GPU driver available for H5 / Mali450 , except Android.
So the Armbian build for this board doesnt include the driver? :/
What about lima?
Promising, but still does not work
(03-17-2019, 05:22 PM)alexkidd Wrote: Promising, but still does not work

What do you think about Panfrost (sorry for dumb question if it was dumb)?
They said that "This is a work in progress and not yet ready for general use.", but probably current version could be used for RetrOrange?
Panfrost is a driver for Midgard architecture, Mali450 is Utgard

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