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OrangePi Zero Plus2 & 3.5" TFT via tv out/rca
FIXED. I guess ive missed that part where you need to add "tv" to etc/modules + adding only "Red" output to Yellow input of the monitor. Now the audio..


Hi guys,

I am pretty new regarding those boards and distros so i am really sorry for asking probably already answered questions.
Ive got totally lost last few days reading tons of info regarding TV OUT/RCA on OrangePi Zero Plus 2 here and there.

Some people say that isnt working:
"TV out is enabled by default on legacy kernel, while on the mainline kernel is not developed and there no particular interest or resources to do that."

Some fixes regarding mainline kernel sugesting removing 359 resistor, connecting directly to pin13 and pin9 (ground) etc etc..

Is ROPI using "Mainline" kernel? Since ive used built-in Bash Tool to change to Analog TV (from HDMI). Sadly i dont get any signal after switching to analog (PAL with fixed overscan, tryed also NTSC after reflashing image). Test was made only using TFT 3.5" 320x240 camera monitor with only RCA out. Not sure if that was the problem.

Also ive messed 6-7 hours via putty to change resolution via h3disp (before i know it only change resolution to only hdmi output)
and directly edited script.bin/fex via buiild-in config in armbian-config via ssh.

Changed resolution and stuff but nothing happens after every restart. Just blank black screen. Read here ( that there is difference between LCD and TV. Did my 3.5" TFT LCD RCA monitor had to be screen1_output_type 1 (LCD) instead 2 (TV) since i didnt read anywhere regarding LCD config? Also ive read that in OPI boards RED cable is actually the video signal and not YELLOW? Is that correct?

Does this TV out/RCA really works on OrangePi Zero Plus 2 with ROPI 4.2? Any directions will be helpful. Thanks in advance!

ROPi uses legacy kernel and i can confirm TV OUT works fine on the OPi Zero Plus2 ( have one at home to test)

are you wiring the correct pins (1 & 2)
(03-14-2019, 10:54 PM)alexkidd Wrote: ROPi uses legacy kernel and i can confirm TV OUT works fine on the OPi Zero Plus2 ( have one at home to test)

are you wiring the correct pins (1 & 2)

Hi Alex,

thank you for your reply!

I am not using on-board pins but extension board (via 3.5mm out). So my problem was that i made all tests with yellow as video but just one test with red as video, since i read at only one place that OrangePi's have wrong (different) wiring (thought that might be isolated to OrangePi PC).
Using yellow was my 1 mistake (out of 3), because i couldnt get any signal so i thought your Tool as broken. Then ive started doing manual edits on script.fex via armbian-config . They all werent successfull since i later read about "/etc/modules" and that i need to add "TV" line. Another mistake was that i had yellow cable in a wrong place (i thought that i can hear it boot atleast) but putting audio in wrong place is also resulting to black screen. BTW for some reason fixed overscan (pal) is resulting to pretty big black border from the right side (without overscan fixed looks way better even that it still need some work).

Some random notes:

1. For some reason audio is too low while using MAME cores compared to PSX (not sure about others).
2. This is little weird but ive confirmed it twice. Ive noticed that i am getting better framerates with HDMI output (720p60, even 1080i50) and massive lag while using RCA out (later guessed thats because analog audio hangs). Wonder why all that happen since ive got better framerate while using manual edits. Then ive remembered that i didnt route audio to analog but just video. Anyway there is another workaround. In Bash Tool select option 8 (analog audio) again, even that we are already outputing to analog audio, restart and lags are gone (for some reason).

@those who dont know where to start, its simple as that:

1.Put red output (usually yellow is video but not in our case) to yellow input of your TV.
2. When you are in EmulationStation -> Retropie -> Retrorangepi -> RCA Bash Tool -> Run -> Choose PAL or NTSC -> Restart (dont forget to switch to analog if you are testing on the same tv)
3. Done


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