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Second joystick configuration
Hi to all of you guys, I'm sorry if it's a subject already covered, but I haven't found anything ..
I would like to configure the second joystick on my Orange Pi Lite with Retrorange Pi 4.2 installed. The joysticks in question, are of the generic type, similar to playstation 2. The first joystick works perfectly and I play it regularly, but connecting the second, nothing happens.
Do you have ideas to suggest?
Thank you, 
Configure Input option from Emulationstation menu
Thank you very much alexkidd, kind and helpful as always. Solved, thanks. It works great.
A hug.
excuse me alex, one more question ... why is it that in some emulators, except the mame, the joystick 2 is recognized as joystick 1 and vice versa? thank you.

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