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How to change display res?
Im having some trouble with setting display res.
My project is using a 800x480 60hz lcd (the usual 40pin DPI) and a tfp401 based decoder.
Ive also tested on the adafruit board i can only display uboot at the correct res.
The moment linux starts the screen just goes black... Im assuming linux is ignoring the EDID data on the display board.

When its connected to my main monitor im unable to change res inside the armbian gui. Theres only 1 res listed. So how do i get this to follow the EDID res rules so when I plug it to my dev board it displays correctly for that panel and when set to my monitor it displays at the native res there too...

It appears to be stuck in 720p mode when i run it on my monitor. And my monitor freaks out with timing error warnings when i change res through the retropi menus...

So how do i do this? How do i make the orange pi in all the front ends run the display based on the edid settings?
h3disp-m-31 didnt seem to work...
h3disp -m -800x480 -d worked... sort of, there still seems to be a timing issue as theres some hotizontal distortion and flickering
Right it seems i fixed it all...

Well mostly.

The issue is actually the kernal used in retroorangepi being so out of date. I didnt realise this at the time, I build new SD card with latest armbian 4.19y and all my display worked right off the bat. The kernel read the edid and set the display accordingly.

Thats not the end of my problems though. I seem to have lost bluetooth and my usb has become unstable. These are new things to fix. But i wonderd.

If i installed orange pi 4.2 how do i go about updating the kernel?
unfortunately not possible (at least in a straightforward unpainful way). Mainline kernel has its own ins and outs, new libraries, we're working on it now. It won't take much longer, beta testing will begin shortly
Well if you get the latest kernal integrated soon ill be very happy Smile
Out of interest when is this beta coming? Within a few weeks?
hopefully will start until the next week with our donators and supporters
well in terms of donations i cant help there. im jobless and poor...
Support wise i can give you a full mention on my project build video?

Im in no way a big channel but i do have a few people who follow my builds. And even have a fair bit of interest in my current retro handheld i want all this for...

Would that be enough to get access to the beta?
(07-12-2019, 11:35 AM)alexkidd Wrote: hopefully will start until the next week with our donators and supporters

I don't want to come off as a jerk here, but you have said things like this before and nothing ever comes of it. Do not take this post as an attack, but it's time someone said something that I'm pretty sure a lot of others are wanting to say.

The only reason I haven't donated is the simple fact you don't share much at all about any kind of progress being made on future builds. Screenshots of stuff like Drastic running, or a game being able to switch to vertical mode on a Facebook page is just a picture to me. That could be anything to be honest. For all we know that's DeSume and Mame running on Linux or Windows. You don't seem to share any actual footage of you working on anything,

Anytime people ask questions about what's going on you say something like "maybe soon for donators and supporters" or you "are on small vacation right now". You seem to take a lot of these "small vacations" or have "school work".

Some of it comes of like you give out just enough teases to see if it gets any donations in then it's back to nothing new and you've been doing stuff like this for literally months now.

Again this is not an attack on you, but someone needs to speak up on how this may appear to look to anyone interested in trying RetrOrangePI. You need to start sharing more of the work you're doing. I don't mean release betas or anything but show some actual work being done so others know and can see you're actually doing something because right now it looks like you're just teasing enough to see if it brings in donations.

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