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How to change display res?
RetrOrangePi development occurs in my spare time, which is very little nowadays. It's also a matter of motivation: if i feel people are thankful, i can decide if devoting more time to the project instead of real life is worth it.

Anyway, besides no much Facebook activity, we have sources on Github. If you had some curiosity, could've check them. release candidate has been pushed recently.
I've been slowly working on the past months experimenting with mainline kernel , trying to decide between 4.19 or 5.2, and GPU acceleration (Mali vs Lima).

There is also a Discord channel where i have a direct line with supporters.
.may be you need this:

sudo bin2fex /boot/script.bin /boot/script.fex
sudo nano /boot/script.fex

disp_init_enable = 1
disp_mode = 0
screen0_output_type = 3
screen0_output_mode = 5
screen1_output_type = 3
screen1_output_mode = 5
fb0_width = 800
fb0_height = 480
fb1_width = 800
fb1_height = 480

hdmi_used = 1
hdmi_x = 800
hdmi_y = 480
hdmi_power = "vcc-hdmi-18"
hdmi_cts_compatibility = 1

pll_video = 292
Sorry for the lack of replying as ive been focusing on other areas of the project lately... 

As for this project heres two teaser videos ive posted about it.... I will be following it up with a full explanation of the project video... Sadly now delayed due to a new issue with the pcb design... D:


Well  like i mentioned before it appears mainline 4.19 does read edid and sets the display accordingly, so to hear this is updating to latest mainline is great news to me. Even better that the update will be very soon and even H5 support now Big Grin which is an extra slice of great as I wanted the higher end GPU to try and push PSP and Vita emulation.

Can you give me the link to the discord you mentioned?

As it might be helpful for a little troubleshooting the last few issues i might have.... Such as forcing audio though the analog outputs rather than hdmi, which i had to edit a system file before to make work... But cant remember quite how i did it before Big Grin

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