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C64 & Amiga @ 50Hz internal display ?

I know it's a little bit "special" but I wonder if it's possible to

- get a C64 and an Amiga-Emulator on the Retrostone ?
- if so, is it possible to get the internal display to run @ 50Hz (PAL) ?

thanks in advance ...
Hi RSdaz,

i have Vice running for C64 emulations. Works really well. It’s already build in on the Retrorangepi image.
For Amiga i use Amiberry. That one is a bit harder to install. You can download it from the retropie main cores. You have to first update Retrorangepi and then update the Retropie script. Kickstarts are also needed. Controls don’t work at first. You have to change the path in the Amiberry menu to not link it to the Retrostone controller. Sound weird but it works.

Best thing if you want Amiga to run is to wait for the next release of Retrorangepi. It will have Amiberry set up.

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