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I have 2 questions
1) How can I install the emulator that is not from the pcsx-rearmed script, for psx pinball games?
2) In case you can't install it, what pinball games do you recommend?
looks like the other emus are not compatible (one is not for ARM architecture and the other has raspberry pi dependencies)

edit: why not pcsx?
The truth is I don't know why these psx1 pinball games don't work in the lr-pcsx-rearmed emulator, they didn't work in retropie and here either, but they do work in the pcsx-rearmed emulator.
Is there another psx emulator in retrorange?
AFAIK, there isnt
are you providing the BIOS?
yes i have bios, well a try to find other pinball games
alex, How do you unistall it openelec and kodi?

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