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Clean installtion

So this is a bit of noob post, I've spent about an hour going through the forums :/

My family bought me the R69 retro pi, I think! it is the orange pi + 2e but I have no idea, the box states R69.

So first of all I have no idea what to download, I've downloaded the orange pi + 2e and burned it, it seems to work.

But I have no roms, where do I download them from? When I first got it it had like 10K roms.

Also how do I switch to the android TV mode?


Sorry for the noob questions..

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we dont talk about roms here
Sunvell R69 has its own image from official site
android is not included in RetrOrangePi, so we cannot help (if your unit has internal memory, you should need to power on without an sdcard inserted)

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