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arduino based gamepads or arcade sticks
Jarno Lehtinen wrote:

If anyone needs any kind of joystick or gamepad adapter, or make your own joystick or arcade panel, ATmega32U4 based Arduinos are pure gold. Cheapest ones are about $4. Atmega chips which ends to U2 or U4 means that chip includes USB-stuff and HID-device. You can make it keyboard or joystick or mouse (even same time). Works virtually every device with USB HID support, including Android tablets and phones and of course computers and Orange Pi. Easiest are joysticks and gamepads where one pin covers one switch (like in Atari-joysticks or DIY arcade cabinet panel).
Today my friend wanted to use Sega Genesis controller with RetrOrange Pi and ready made adapters are expensive and good USB-controller are hard to get (Amazon doesn't ship most electronics to Finland). $4 Arduino and two joystick ports (9-pin D-connector) from spareparts Commodore 64 and after couple of hours I was playing RetrOrange Pi emulators with Genesis controller.
Genesis controller is not easiest, because X,Y,Z buttons are read very awkward, but it's no problem to Arduino (it may be hard to implement same with Orange Pi GPIO):…/reading-sega-ge...rollers-…/
Great Joystick library for Arduino:
Actually, normal Arduino Uno includes 16U2 too (along with 328P), and you can use it as HID-device. I used this before I got ATmega32U4 based Arduinos:

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