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Pico8 on Retrostone1
Hi there,

i was wondering, because there was some talk about Pico8 on the RS2.
Is anyone running Pico8 on the Retrostone1? I would like to play around with Pico8 and the Retrosone1.
I havent tested on ROPi v4.2, but it should work out of the box inside Armbian Desktop
Thanks for the reply! I tried to install it but so far no luck one. Tried to install it with apt-get update and then apt-get install pico-8.
It can’t find a pico-8 package.

Also tried to download the raspberry pi version and then make a launcher but i can launch it but nothing happens.

Can you tell me how to install it on 4.2?
You have to search the CHIP version (based on SDL), purchase the license as it’s proprietary software
Ok will do that. I already have the license. Thanks!

Edit: indeed CHIP version runs out of the box. Only thing is that you can’t use the Retrostone controls and sound is ‘t working.

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