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Repository fix is dead again
Your repository fix from few months back is dead again and has been for a little while. Would have posted about it on the Facebook group but for some reason comments are now locked on that status.

Until 4.3 comes out, and even after, people are still going to use 4.2 and get annoyed when they can't fully update anything.

Tested on 3 systems with multiple sdcards and all the same thing. There's no longer a repository update to download from it just quickly flashes an error about not being able to connect.
We'll try to fix that, but since Debian 8 seems EOS , v4.2 wont be able to get updates or support for much longer i think, hopefully yes
Then you might want to make a little note of that on the download page for 4.2 until you can get 4.3 out

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