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Orange Pi PC - reporting bugs found
Compile of MAME 2010 fails.
sudo apt-get install libz-dev
fix it
Hi guys, no news about fix this bugs? Mainly the shutdown issue.

New guy here.  I don't mean to be a pain in the butt but is the audio issue still unresolved?

I did a brand new installation of the 4.2 on my OPi PC and it works fine but package management seems to be abandoned, so installing new emulators seems impossible.

So, I installed 4.3 and it seems to work much better with the exception of the audio going away.  If I could solve that, it would be perfect for me at least.

I haven't seen any post in the forum that explains if this was solved or is on the works.

Thanks for any information.


Updating since I managed to get it working, not sure if it was mere luck but here are all the steps that I followed.


1. Fresh install to SD card
2. Set up the PS4 controller
-- No audio as of now --
3. Enabled bg music in RetrOrangePi
4. Connected Ethernet
5. Went to RetroPie setup
6. Updated script
7. Installed reicast (by accident)
8. Installed usbromservice and enabled it
9. Updated all core packages and waited for it to do its thing
10. Restarted the system
-- Sound is back up --
11. Restarted again to make sure
-- Sound is still working --
12. Shut down to make sure and disconnected power
-- Sound is still working --
13. Shut down again to make sure and disconnected power
-- Sound gone --
14. Shut down and disconnected power again
-- Sound is back up again --

I guess, after updating you just have to keep unplugging and plugging until the audio works.

Hope it helps.

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