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Orange pi PC2
I deleted my previous reply because I messed up and it was not accurate.

Emulationstation did not load with the new kernel
But, Xbox 360 controller did pair.
Error creating SDL window!
Could not initialize EGL
Renderer failed to initialize
Window failed to initialize

Tried to load mali 
pi@RetrOrangePi:~$ sudo modprobe mali
modprobe: FATAL: Module mali not found in directory /lib/modules/5.3.13-sunxi64

Lets try that again....
pi@RetrOrangePi:~$ sudo depmod -a
pi@RetrOrangePi:~$ sudo reboot

It works!! 
EmulationStation loaded fine, controller is paired, PPSSPP performance seems unchanged.
And temperature reporting is working fine (PC2 temp maxing out at 62c(ish) with my new fan case, great!).

I'll keep testing but i wanted you to see this in case you already read my other incorrect post.
i'm rebuilding the PC2 image as pure 64bits. On this first release everything but PPSSPP and Reicast works on 32bits.
Can you get me the average temps when running both architectures (PPSSPP and something else). Also, scaling governor is set to performance (on my tests , leaving ondemand was not good). Maybe you can override this in the runcommand config (retropie section) and use another governor
Sure,  I'll run some tests later this evening tomorrow.

Regarding temperatures I am using this case with aluminum heat sinks on the soc and ram chips
Okay here are the results of my tests.

PPSSPP tests were done with Star Ocean Second Evolution
NES tests were done with Super Mario Brothers 3
Kodi tests were done by playing a 720p video (unrelated, I find kodi struggles with lots of videos that i tried but not having previous experience with kodi i dont know if this is normal or not)

Room temperature at time of testing was 22c

Performance Governor

38c idle
54c PPSSPP Average
57c PPSSPP Max
43c lr-fceumm Average
45c lr-fceumm Max
56c Kodi Average
60c Kodi Max

Ondemand Governor

30c Idle
42c PPSSPP Average
47c PPSSPP Max
36c lr-fceumm Average
37c lr-fceumm Max
48c Kodi Average
51c Kodi Max

I did not notice any oddities when running with the ondemand governor, both PPSSPP and lf-fceumm seemed to run normally with no slow downs or graphical glitches.

What issues were you seeing with ondemand?
it's the same case with cooler as well? can you try without cooler?
Overall, temps are fine. Up to 65c, there should be no throttling
Maybe the governor was not my issue, it's probably the maximum speed , override in /etc/rc.local
btw, thanks so much
Yes this is with the case I linked in a previous post (which I'm very happy with and would recommend to other OPi PC2 users) with aluminum heat sinks on the SoC and ram chips. I also have some ceramic heat sinks I've been thinking about trying but temps have been very good with my current setup 

I will run some tests without the fan later.
My assumption is we will see throttling, when I first got this board it would very quickly overheat with heat sinks and no case.
I think the fan is probably mandatory for this board. 

I appreciate you making this software bundle and I'm happy to help you where possible.

Let me know if there is anything else you'd like me to try during my next round of testing.
These are the results with aluminum heatsinks on the SoC and ram chips, no case and no fan.

Room temp at time of testing - 22.5c

PPSSPP tested with Star Ocean Second Evolution
NES tested with Super Mario Brothers 3

Ondemand governor - CPU speed 480MHz - 1368MHz
44c - Idle at terminal - EmulationStation not running
52c - Idle in EmulationStation menu
70-80c - Within 2 minutes of starting PPSSPP the board began overheating. *CPU Throttling starts at 80c* 
65-80c lr-fceumm started out at 65c and continued to heat up over the course of a 10 minute test eventually hitting throttling temperature.

I stopped testing with these settings at this point, the board was overheating like i had expected.

Ondemand governor - CPU speed 480MHz - 1008MHz
70-79c - PPSSPP average temperature just barely stays below throttling. 

I did not experience any throttling with CPU limited to 1008MHz. 
I did notice a minor performance impact but nothing too drastic. 
I could not go higher then 1008MHz without throttling.

58-61c -  lr-fceumm average temperature at these settings

There were no issues running  lr-fceumm at these settings. 
Temperatures remained low the entire time.
I was able to run  lr-fceumm up to 1296MHz without throttling, temperature stayed in the high 60's.

I think it is necessary to run the OPi PC2 in a fan case if you want to use its full potential.
Just a note, heat transfer through the board is quite good
I haven't even been hot to the touch just using transfer pads under the board to galvanized steel case and aluminum heatsinks, no fan
(12-10-2019, 07:29 AM)thedotsteev Wrote: Just a note,  heat transfer through the board is quite good
I haven't even been hot to the touch just using transfer pads under the board to galvanized steel case and aluminum heatsinks,  no fan

Interesting, maybe you could repeat my tests above and share your results.

I'd also be interested in seeing a picture of your case, it sounds nice.

I had looked at some metal cases but they usually cost as much or more then the board!
It's actually the board box in the back of an old ADI monitor
I modified it to work

I don't have any PSP games so I can't do that, but what would you like me to test

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