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R69 no Bluetooth or wifi
Hi I have installed the 4.2 slim image to SD card on a Sunvell R69 but can't get the onboard WiFi or Bluetooth to work. Is this normal? All I get when trying to connect to the WiFi or Bluetooth is unable to detect wlan or Bluetooth module. Cheers
Looks like there is a Sunvell R69 based on H3 , not original H2 (no Bluetooth and maybe different WiFi chip), so our image won’t work fully
Oh right, yes it's a h3 but I just assumed
The image was for my version as on the retrorange pi website it only states h3 and above. The image works fine apart from WiFi and Bluetooth. Is there a way for me to add the necessary drivers? Sorry I'm a complete noob when it comes to this stuff. Cheers
i dont have that model. From what i've seen, it has no bluetooth. Wifi chip seems to be the same.
can you upload the output of the following commands: lsmod , dmesg and 'sudo ifconfig'?
oh ok sorry my mistake I thought it had onboard Bluetooth although a Bluetooth dongle didn't work either that does work on an orange pi pc. anyway here are the pictures requested.. would be great if there could be an updated image for the h3 model of the R69 as it seems to be much more powerful.  you guy do a fantastic job and I really appreciate your help.

added all now
wifi is working (wlan3 device)

try running "sudo nmtui" from command line, you should be able to connect to router
brilliant thanks that did it
Is there any way this can be updated for the h3 version, can armbian be updated to take advantage of the newer hardware?

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