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New 4.3 OrangePI PC Image Doesn't boot
New image you put up doesn't boot into Emulation Station. It shows an SDL error about a missing video device with a prompt. Typing "emulationstation" doesn't work like it used to. Just repeats the same error.

Tried with two different sdcards and same thing with each card.
is this from today's image ?

Today's image
alright, checking now
looks like everything is OK, can you try running lsmod to see if the mali module is listed?
if no, run "sudo insmod /lib/modules/5.2.14-sunxi/extra/mali.ko"
then press Ctrl D to attempt to run EmulationStation again
Doesn't work. Same Error with a prompt:

1v10: Error initializing SDL!
No available video device

1v10: Renderer failed to initialize!
1v10: Window failed to initialize!

Doing what you told me says this:

ERROR: could not insert module /lib/modules/5.2.14-sunxi/extra/mali.ko: File exists

lsmod shows Mali in the list like this:

Mali 200704 0
its the same for me, I get the error initializing SDL
Is it no available video device as well?
yes it is
can you guys share 'dmesg' output?

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