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[Opi Win Plus]
Also at the first boot.
It hangs or reboot.
I have heatsink and i tested different sd cards.
Any suggestion?
This evening i will try a different psu... but same psu work fine with orange pi PC2 or a Orange PI PC+ with a ssd hd. So power should be not an issue.
try new image from official site (uploaded 5.3.1 now)
(10-04-2019, 08:11 AM)alexkidd Wrote: try new image from official site (uploaded 5.3.1 now)

Same issue... Anyway i tried the armbian image from armbian website and doesn't boot at all black screen with white stripes...
Today i left 3 hours the board rebooting... and after some time stabilized...
I suppose that is broken my board Sad
I read that one orange pi user had similar issue on this board and in his case was the power connector faulty...
Tomorrow i will solder 2 wires on the board and i will check again.
Thank you so much!
yes, it's probably something else, jus test emulationstation, retroarch, desktop and kodi and they all worked without freeze or reboots
good luck

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