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Cant mount usb drive
Hi thought I would install 4.3 on orange pi pc and put all my roms a usb stick but whenever I use the options in romcopy I just get a message saying unable to mount usb drive  ….Exiting
I can't mount any usb stick that has already been used, if I try to manually mount any stick that has been used defore I get a message saying something about bad superblock? 

I can mount a brand new 32gb stick but it's not big enough for what I want.  I don't have any problems with these already used sticks in the standard retropie on an raspberry pi so it's quite weird.
can you describe your steps?
automount is not enabled, so if you used armbian desktop to mount external devices, you need to add a line to /etc/rc.local or /etc/fstab so it can mount automatically on boot
sorry not sure what you mean by armbian desktop, when in retrorange pi 4.3 setup there is romcopy but it wont let me do anything as it says cant mount usb drive. if I use a new usb stick that has never been used it will work but if I format an old stick it wont work. I tried to mount it manually with but it said something about bad superblock

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