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Xbox 360 Wireless receiver not configured
do you recall any major changes made to the system?

try resetting ES mapping from command line:
press F4 to quit ES
sudo ./RetroPie-Setup/ emulationstation clear_input
Ctrl D

Remap controller, quit again, check folders

if it doesnt work, try mapping the keyboard, use binds for select and X to enter menu,
Enter and cancel will be whatever you choose for A and B
I cannot recompile emulationstationstation, this is what I found in the error log:

cannot find lpthreads
Makefile 126: recipe for target 'cmTC_b&aba/fast' failed
But lpthreads is already installed as well as build essential package
Recompiling ES should not make any difference here
And judging by the error you’ve got, some major bug i never saw
Better start from scratch, reflash image, and check immediately if controller cfg file is populated
I followed your advice... I restarted from scratch and controllers work fine in every emulators. I'll never know what happened but I don't care. Thanks.

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