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OPi Plus 2E for CPS-1/2/3
1) Hello, tell me please where to drop rom for CPS-1/2/3, on 4.2 there was a folder for them, now it is absent, but I want to play these games.

2) Tell me you can return Quake 2 from version 4.2 of the image since it was working there, it also starts here, but there is a bug (when you do not move the black screen obscures everything right up to the sights.

3) I understood the reason why background music does not start when it turns off an orange on a hot outlet, and not the power off. It is treated only by reinstalling the image.

4) Armbian does not start from the emulator main menu, only through the RetroOrangePie menu.

P.S. sorry if something is wrong, english is not my native language.

Same here  Tongue , thanks for the post.

For the background music, in my case, sometimes starts and sometimes not.

I put my CPS-1/2/3 folders in the fba folder

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