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Opi PC2 - Kodi Not Working
There is a 'nomodeset' parameter you could add to boot.cmd to avoid KMS. Still you have to convert it to boot.scr (check last lines of boot.cmd for the correct syntax) . I'm not if it has any effect on Desktop or Kodi, as they seem to work independently changing modes on the fly.
If it works, resolution setting from /boot/armbianEnv.txt should stay (line starting with extraargs...). It's set to 720p by default.
If other users experience garbled display using OrangePi PC2 and a 4K TV here is the solution I found.

Create advancedsettings.xml in /home/pi/.kodi/userdata/
Add the following content:

<advancedsettings version="1.0">

Now start Kodi normally.
You will still have a garbled display but now you can access the web interface at http://<ipaddress>:8080
From here you can change your resolution to something that will display properly, I went with 3840x2160.
Make sure to click "yes" when prompted on your TV "would you like to keep this change".

Now that Kodi is properly displayed exit normally and restart it, your resolution should now be properly set in Kodi and persistent across restarts.

If you would like to disable the web interface after correcting your resolution simply delete advancedsettings.xml

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