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RetrOrangePi on NanoPi Duo2 - CVBS enable
So I bought myself a NanoPi Duo2 in order to use it with a composite 3.5" display in a project that I'm working on thinking that its pretty similar to the OrangePi Zero Plus 2 (the H3 version). Unfortunately after spending two days on this I still can not get the CVBS/Composite output to work and the WiFi module doesn't come up when I check for devices using "nmcli dev" so I cant get a network connection going. The device does boot successfully and I can access it over the debug serial connection but I'm not sure how to resolve my issues. 

Can anyone suggest how to enable the wifi module with no display? Or even better to enable the wifi module and cvbs output? Any help will be appreciated.
seems CVBS is still unsupported on mainline kernel
about wifi, please post dmesg and lsmod outputs
(11-13-2019, 12:28 PM)alexkidd Wrote: seems CVBS is still unsupported on mainline kernel
about wifi, please post dmesg and lsmod outputs

Thanks for the response mate. I've moved to retrorangepi 4.2 for the time being. I'm using the orangepi zero plus 2 image and have reconfigured the display output to CVBS so all seems to be working for now except for the H3 running quite hot and possibly using too much power. 

I'll do some more testing int he coming days and report back. I definitely need to optimize the current draw and the heat as this is all going into a gameboy advance sp shell with custom PCB for power, audio and controller (with dual analogue joysticks).
Indeed zero plus2 is an oven, maybe a heatsink only wont help much.

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