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Controller works in emulationstation but not in games
I'm currently running RetrorangePI 4.2 on an OrangePI PC 2 and am using an Nvidia Sheild controller with the 1.04 firmware.  The controller is recognized by Emulationstation and allows me to configure the buttons.  The controller then works fine within Emulationstation itself but when I select any game, it is reported that the controller is not configured.  I have tried the following steps:

1) Unplug and plug in the controller from the USB port - this results in the message that the Nvidia Shield controller has been removed, but when I plug it back in it still states the controller is not configured.

2) Retropie-Setup - I entered in RetroPie setup and went to clear Emulationstation's controller settings and rebooted.  Same scenario as before, configs fine, works in EmulationStation, reported as not configured when trying to play a game

3) Different controller - I also have a PC controller that I have tried.  The exact same things happens.  It is recognized, I can configure the buttons, then not configured when I try and play a game.

4) Format my Sandisk SD card using the SD formatter, redownloaded the image and used Etcher to reburn the image.  No change.

Any help would be appreciated.  Some games work with the keyboard but I cannot exit the emulation to go back to the main menu while playing on the keyboard.

Thank you for your assistance

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