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Need help installing Retrorangepi 4.3 into microSD (Orange Pi PC)
Hi All,

I have a problem not being able to boot anything after installing the .img into micro sd.

The workflow i have followed is 

1. Quick Format with SD Card Formatter (I have also tried Overwrite Format and not working)
2. Write image using Win32diskimager (also tried BalenaEtcher and still not working)

Need some help here. I am pretty sure the issue here is either the .img or the way i install it into the micro sd.
What sd card is it?  I've had some makes that just won't boot
Is this a new board or have you had it running before?
What lights are you getting?
Make sure your power supply is powerful enough?
I have the same situation.
My device: Orange Pi 3 H6 2 Гб LPDDR3 + 8 Гб EMMC Flash
After writing an image via Win32diskimager. RetrOrangePi_v4.3_Armbian_5.97_Orangepipc_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_5.2.14_desktop.img.7z
Nothing happens.
Lights are not burned.
The card is Ok because I install the official image Ubuntu Desktop and it is work.
Obviously you won't boot an orange pi pc image (H3 vou) on orange pi 3 (H6 CPU)

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