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Orange Pi Pc+ GemRB / Stratagus
Hi. Sorry if that not good question, but: is there any way to get stratagus, GemRB, and Quake 3 (working with our sdl2) on OPi PC+? Cause of stratagus & GemRB missing in script, and Quake 3 don't want to compile from sources, cause we have modified sdl2...
we'll try to compile them soon
Oh, that's great news, cause old pc games (strategy, rpg) & console games evoke nostalgia Smile Thanks for your quick reply (as usual). And many thanks for your great work!
Good news, warcraft2 (on stargus engine) works great. I added repository ppa: stratagus ,installed wargus from it, then add .sh script into "ports" directory (like a xfe,but for wargus binary), so it showns in "ports" & works well.
Did you use RetroPie script to compile?
No. I simply install precompiled packet from reposirory & make script with "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=GLSHIM startx /usr/games/wargus 2>&1" in it in the /roms/ports directory. Also I installed Freedink rpg and it also works thru script & with joypad Smile Also compiled CorsixTH from sources, but at the moment it crashes with some errors of lua... In future I want try to start wine & Diablo 2 in it ) Gemrb & quake 3 is also that I want to try)

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