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Common hardware issues and solutions
The most common causes of intermittent hardware problems and boot failures are inadequate power from your power supply and corrupted or underrated SD cards.

A quality 5 Volt 3 Amp power supply should be more than enough to power your pi and most of the peripherals you're likely to attach to it.

Class 10 micro SD cards are the best for Orange Pi. I've personally been using Sandisk brand 64 GB class 10 cards in my Plus 2.
I installed RetroOrangePi in an Orange Pi Plus 2E, power supply is 5V 3A, flashed retropi 4.1 and 4.3 with the same issue after the first boot I have the message "No game pads connected", I have two fight sticks dyi zero delay board, also key board is no detected, can be a failure of the 4 usb ports of the main board? help!!!

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