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Best Way to scrape.
I'm using Skraper from my notebook and sometime Skyscraper from OrangePI

Skraper works well for near everything.

But i have problems with:

All my games are in a subfolder with all exe and bat com renamed to Bat Exe and Com.
On the root there are scripts than chenge directory in correct dir and launch game.
I have problems with the script in the root. seems that spaces are not allowed... But also seems that the script name lenght should not exceed 8.3 chars (is it correct?)
I didnt find a way in Skraper to avoid subfolder scraping. 
Skyscraper can avoid subfolders.... But of course with files 8 chars long is not possible to set a name that skyscraper can detect.

I didnt find a way to have a good result.

Not supported By Skraper.
Didn't find a way to have a good result.

Works fine, but i cant hide rom folder.

Do you have better results than me?

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