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Gamepad not being detected
Hi, I was able to load the 4.4 software and have the controllers work. A couple questions/issues:

1. There are several systems missing from the scroll menu (snes for example). How can I have the various systems in there?

2. I can’t get the system to automatically set up the usb drive with the rom folders and bios folders. I tried it on orangepi boot and after the menu of systems was onscreen. Both times there is nothing in the retropie folder on the usb.

Thank you for your help.
1. systems only appear when there are roms in the folders
2. USB mount is somehow broken, have to figure out the easiest way to fix, probably its the lack of pmount. Did you try to install the usbromservice from retropie-setup?
How do you install the usbromservice? The mount and system are pretty much new so I doubt the mount is broken

I did enable the usbrom

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