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Does not run after full apt update
Thank you very much, I made it, but it still does not run.

symbolic links still seem incorrect , but i copied my working libs to a tarbal, maybe it's easier if you just extract them:

sudo tar -xvf libraries.tar -C /

if error persists, better reflash, probably kernel was updated and hardware acceleration is now broken
Maybe I am doing something wrong, but it still does not work Sad


look for mali module
Nothing, I think that the newer kernel does not have that module.
Mali is built specifically for the image. If you updated the kernel too, must reflash
Yes, I thought so, so I should not upgrade the kernel. Thank you very much for the help!
(04-09-2020, 08:36 AM)Lamerjack Wrote:
(04-09-2020, 07:32 AM)Wizzard Wrote: Hi, I am just starting with Retrorange and I like it that it is basically Armbian which I could use also for another things (printserver, mpd)

I noticed that the Retrorange GUI fails to run after I update all packages using apt. I see some SDL error or something. Can I fix it somehow? I would like to have fully updated system.

I made apt dist-upgrade, which went fine, but there were some 16 not upgraded packages, so I upgraded them one by one and then Retrorangepi does not start after reboot.
When I upgraded just without the latest 16 packages, it runs fine though. So those packages are held on purpose, because they are some special versions?

Never update!
Anyway, yesterday there was an update of retropie setup.
You can try this:
Cd Retropie-Setup
sudo ./retropie_setup
do the script update.
and a new menu option "depends" will appear.
Try to recompile sdl and mesa....
Anyway probably you will have to reflash.
First rule of Orangepi Club "never update"
Second rule of Orangepi Club "NEVER update"

found out the hard way...thx anyway

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