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Analog TV out
Hi. I already have set up my Retrorangepi and now I would like to connect it to my older 4:3 TV with composite out. Is it possible? I bought Orange Pi PC because it should support analog video output. I have some TRRS jack and cinch cables, but I think I should edit some file to enable TV out. Is it possible with RetrOrangePi 4.3?
No, analog video out is not supported in mainline kernel.
You can try an older release, but it wont likely be supported anymore (ancient kernel)
Thanks, although it is sad Smile Analog out is great for emulating the old games. By the way, dont you know which latest version could support it?

I know, I can use HDMI to composite adapter, but it needs another power supply and it is no so elegant solution.
v4.2 , based on legacy kernel
I dowloaded 4.2 version (full version is not available, so I tried slim version) and tried to convert script.bin to script.fex in boot directory, but it seems that the file is corrupted, the conversion failed.

Also tried 4.1 version and the boot directory is even empty. So it seems I cannot tweak it to use analog TV out.

I looked for older versions, but the old site does not have the download links working. Is there any other version I could try? Thanks!

pretty sure both releases have script.bin working

v4.2 has a single EXT4 partition (linux only), so you must have a linux OS or do it inside the image
Thanks, 4.1 works, maybe I did not notice that boot partition before, so TV out works Smile

edit: even 4.2 works, both versions have the setup utility to configure TV out and sound, great Smile

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