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Orange pi plus 2E startup problem
Hello All, 
I was using my opi plus 2e board loaded with 4.2 full with no problem.
But I have some issues with 4.3, it's booting and can reach keyboard configuration screen. When I enter first key, device reboots itself opens with a black screen.
I heard about some dtb issues with plus2e before, but also I have test with opi plus and pc firmware , result is same.
To check hw, I downgrade my device to 4.2 using same board, power and SD card, again it runs with no problem.

Any help is appreciated. 
Btw, my main aim is using latest kodi with my device, if I can not solve hang issue, is it possible to setup latest kodi to 4.2?

new version is around the corner, should fix such issue and will include Kodi
(04-29-2020, 05:33 PM)alexkidd Wrote: new version is around the corner, should fix such issue and will include Kodi

Thanks Alex, I will test it again with new version and report here. Thank a lot for your great work

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