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new Armbian OrangePbx_0.1 Freepbx 13 asterisk 13 for opi+
Hi everyone, i've been building a new distirbution based on armbian 5.2 server, on it has been compilled freepbx 13 and asterisk 13, i've added a webmin frontend for server management.

It's my first apportation, i'm not a pro, but i wanted to share it with the community. 

The password for root is: "Armbian"

The password for the user admin on freepbx is: "admin"

In order to mount the image you need at least a 8gb sd card  

Here is the link to the download:!eZ1gCKKY!UguIUAi-xa6K6...QDBuoT3xRo  (remember this image is for orange pi plus)*

Finally, if you want to resize the partition toget all the space available on your disk, use this command: update
.rc firstrun defaults

Well, thanks for reading, and i hope it can be of some use to all of us.

[quote='mikimoto' pid='138' dateline='1478860350']
[color=#444444]hi, please, how I get a version for OrangePi ONE
Hi, thanks. 
I had seen this and planed to use it. But, I am confused how it is able to manipulate the communication such as email (I am good at install and config it.). 

I consider to install it but there is no time to study its "detailed function" or "hidden and not obvious function" such as "aliases function" and "canonical function" as email. 

Do you briefly introduce "freepbx 13 and asterisk 13" functions? 

I had noticed the "google voice" and "twilio". Are there any same and different feature as "freepbx 13 and asterisk 13"? I just wonder them having some interesting functions on them. 

In addition, is this able to use "Orange Pi pc" this board to run this image?

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