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new Armbian OrangePbx_0.1 Freepbx 13 asterisk 13 for opi+
Hi everyone, i've been building a new distirbution based on armbian 5.2 server, on it has been compilled freepbx 13 and asterisk 13, i've added a webmin frontend for server management.

It's my first apportation, i'm not a pro, but i wanted to share it with the community. 

The password for root is: "Armbian"

The password for the user admin on freepbx is: "admin"

In order to mount the image you need at least a 8gb sd card  

Here is the link to the download:!eZ1gCKKY!UguIUAi-xa6K6...QDBuoT3xRo  (remember this image is for orange pi plus)*

Finally, if you want to resize the partition toget all the space available on your disk, use this command: update
.rc firstrun defaults

Well, thanks for reading, and i hope it can be of some use to all of us.

[quote='mikimoto' pid='138' dateline='1478860350']
[color=#444444]hi, please, how I get a version for OrangePi ONE

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